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  • Course Name: Business Writing.
  • Course Level: Level 2.
  • Study Method: 100% Online.
  • Course Duration: 4 Weeks.
  • Entry Requirements: No Entry Requirements.
  • Start Date: Ongoing.
  • Endorsed By: West Master Business Management College/ Career Development College London/Accord Business English.
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Fee & Payment: £20

Course Overview                  :

Welcome to the Business Writing Course. Writing is a key method of communication for most people, and it’s one that many people struggle with. This Course will give you a refresher on basic writing concepts such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It will also provide an overview of the most common business documents such as proposals, reports, and agendas. All of this will provide that extra edge in the workplace.

Writing and communication skills have degraded with more and more people communicating through email and text messaging.

Developing writing skills is still important is the business world as creating proper documents (such as proposals, reports, and agendas), giving you that extra edge in the workplace.

The Business Writing Course will give you a refresher on basic writing concepts (such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation), and an overview of the most common business documents.

These basic skills will provide you with that extra benefit in the business world that a lot of people are losing.

Course Objectives                :

Know how to collaborate with team members Research has consistently demonstrated that when clear goals are associated with learning that the learning occurs more easily and rapidly. With that in mind, let’s review our goals for today.

By the end of this Course, you will be able to:

  • Gain better awareness of common spelling and grammar issues in business writing.
  • Review basic concepts in sentence and paragraph construction.
  • Know the basic structure of agendas, email messages, business letters, business proposals, and business reports.
  • Know tips and techniques to use when deciding the most appropriate format to use for agendas, email messages, business letters, business proposals, and business reports.
  • Know tips and techniques in writing agendas, email messages, business letters, business proposals, and business reports.
  • Gain an overview of Request for Proposals, Projections, Executive Summaries, and Business Cases.
  • Define proofreading and understand techniques in improving proofreading skills.
  • Define peer review and list ways peer review can help improve business writing skills.
  • List guidelines in printing and publishing business writing.

Module                                   :

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Working with Words 

Module 3: Constructing Sentences 

Module 4: Creating Paragraphs 

Module 5: Writing Meeting Agendas 

Module 6: Writing E-mails 

Module 7: Writing Business Letters 

Module 8: Writing Proposals 

Module 9: Writing Reports 

Module 10: Other Types of Documents 

Module 11: Proofreading and Finishing 

What’s Included in This Course:

  • E- book
  • Video
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Duration                    :

 Approximately: 120 hours of personal study time for the entire course is recommended.

Assessments                         :


Career Path                            :

Here’s a news flash: Good jobs for writers really do exist. You can parlay your love of the written word into a paying gig. The truth is that the technology, media, entertainment, public relations, marketing, publishing, and advertising industries all need people who can craft high-quality content. The range of possible writing careers is far broader than you might expect.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Office Administrator
  • Receptionist. Assistant Editor.
  • Author.
  • Biographer.
  • Communication Specialist.
  • Communications Manager.
  • Content Engineer.
  • Content Manager.
  • Communications director. …
  • Speechwriter. …
  • Technical writer. …
  • Novelist. …
  • Screenwriter. …
  • Columnist. …
  • Book editor. …
  • Public relations specialist.

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