Advanced English Course (CEFR Level C1)

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Course Overview

Welcome to the Advanced English Course. This course is intended for anyone who already has a good command of the English language and would like to become proficient in reading, writing and speaking and listening.
English is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world and is the international language of business. Improving your English language skills greatly increases your career, learning and travel opportunities, allowing you to take advantage of international work and study opportunities in Europe, North America and beyond.
By the end of the course, you will be familiar with idiomatic language, the use of ellipsis in speech, and you will developed your understanding of advanced level English grammar and punctuation.
Some lessons include activities, which can be found in the course workbook. You will be prompted to pause the video at the appropriate point in order to complete the activities. Answers are discussed in the videos but may also be found at the end of the workbook for reference. Lessons 19 and 20 are listening exercises; listen to the audio recordings and then answer the questions in the workbook.
We hope you enjoy the Advanced English Course and look forward to helping you on your learning journey.

  • Course Name: Advanced English Course.
  • Course Level: CEFR level C1.
  • Study Method: 100% Online.
  • Course Duration: 80 Hours Approx.
  • Entry Requirements: No Entry Requirements.
  • Start Date: Ongoing.
  • Endorsed By: West Master Business Management College/ Career Development College London,/Accord Business English.
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Fee & Payment: £40

What students will learn in this course?

In the Advanced English course, you will learn the most complex aspects of the English language, such as idioms, words with multiple meanings, formal and informal language, and how to soften your English for politeness. In addition, you will learn advanced grammar and punctuation topics, how to make your written English more sophisticated through the use of organisational markers and words and phrases that add emphasis, and the mistakes commonly made by native and non-native English speakers.

Career Path

The Advanced English course may be taken by those wishing to develop their English language skills for work or study in English-speaking countries, or who need to improve their language skills for career development reasons, such as promotions, re-location or career change. 

Who Should Take This Course?

The Advanced English course is suitable for anyone with an intermediate-level knowledge of English and who would like to advance their spoken and written language skills to advanced level. The course may also be taken in preparation for the Advanced Business English course.

What’s Included in This Course:

  • Work book
  • Video
  • Certificate of Completion

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